CONUSS version 2.1.1 released

A new version of the CONUSS program package was released today.
CONUSS-2.1.1 additions and changes

 — kfor & kref, new:  correlated hf distributions, mixed multipole transitions, theta/phi distributions;

 — kfor & kref, fixed:  incorrect handling of spin 1/2 excited state;

 — kfor, new:  reports largest effective thickness values;

 — kref, fixed:  input file conversion on Linux systems;

 — kctl, new:  dual fit for sample and sample+reference, fit parameter boundaries, Levenberg-Marquardt damping;

 — kmco, new:  dual simulation for sample and sample+reference, implementation of multi-core calculations;

 — kmco, fixed:  handling of named sampling groups, sampling parms defined in in_kfit were ignored;

 — all:  streamlined output extensions, optional csv output format;

 — binary versions:  runtime graphics supports re-use of display window.


     Download CONUSS-2.1.1

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